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Capital Gains and You

Follow this one simple rule to minimize your tax bill:

Buck Converter Concepts Part 3 of 3: Switching Regulators

Buck converters work by switching on and off at very high frequencies. Examine the schematic below. The circle on the left is a voltage source at say 12V. The rectangle on the right is a load that...

Buck Converter Concepts Part 2 of 3: LC Low Pass Filters

The LC low pass filter has just two components: an inductor and a capacitor. The inductor and capacitor are connected in series. The input to the filter is fed into the inductor, the output is...

Buck Converter Concepts Part 1 of 3: Frequency Content of Square Waves

Take a square wave with a duty cycle of 0<x<1, a frequency of f, and an amplitude of A. (The minimum value of this square wave is 0.) This signal can be decomposed into its frequency components by...

Japan's Bunny Island

Never heard of Bunny Island? Its real name is Ōkunoshima. It's an island filled to the brim with cuddly "wild" bunnies. How many? Hundreds!