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Things I've Learned About RSUs

I joined Facebook (now Meta) as a software engineer in May 2021. The offer letter I received included details about my compensation. There would be three main components: salary, an annual bonus...

SalesLoft Stock Option Analysis

I joined SalesLoft on 2018-05-21. When I joined, I was given a choice for my compensation. I could choose either $X + $5,000 + 1875 stock options annually or $X + 3750 stock options annually....

Should I use my wife's 529 account to pay for her tuition?

Short answer: no because we're planning to have kids that will go to college.

The Currency Market Is Not for Investments

The government of a country, or the Federal Reserve Bank in the case of the United States, is able to control the value of their currency. In the US, this is done by issuing Treasury Bonds at with...

Market Order Types

I had initially intended to describe and comment on the various types of market orders, but I think this post functions better as a simple bulleted reference.