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How to Run Rails Database Migration Tasks on ECS

When you have a Ruby on Rails app, you need to run database migrations occasioanlly. One way to do this is to deploy the code to production and run the migration manually. In this post, I'll show...

How to Run Delayed Job on Docker and ECS

Running delayed job in a container and on ECS is not too hard, but there are a few gotchas to watch out for. I'll show you the basic steps to getting delayed_job running and the more general steps...

How to Run Cron Jobs with the Whenever Gem in a Docker Container

Whew! That's a long title, isn't it? I'm going to show you how to get cron jobs working in a Docker container. Specifically, I'll be using the whenever gem to create those cron jobs.

How I Dockerized my Rails Apps

Containerization is all the rage right now, so I decided to jump on that bandwagon. I'd grown tired of my old method of deploying my apps (a custom set of bash bootstrap scripts) and decided to try...