I'm a software engineer who has created three production-quality Ruby on Rails applications from scratch. I have years of experience with Ruby on Rails and React. I'm currently (2022) working in C++ on the WhatsApp Calling Infrastructure team at Meta.

I write code to be readable and easily testable. I've found GoogleTest, RSpec, Capybara, and Jest to be invaluable tools for this. To publish Ruby on Rails applications to the web, I've used many cloud technologies including Docker, Kubernetes, EC2, RDS, S3, ECS, SES, ELB, and auto scaling.

Through creating multiple Rails apps with diverse functionality, I've studied the best ways to connect the discrete pieces of a web app together; I'm experienced in front-end development with React and Vue, API development, API consumption, server configuration, database design, caching techniques, and automated testing and deployment. My thorough understanding of each of these pieces allows me to develop new features at a rapid pace and to identify and correct the root cause of any bug or performance issue.

I believe in continuous learning and personal development, and I apply this mindset to my professional work in an effort to deliver the best results I can while remaining mindful of deadlines and other business requirements. Using the latest technology is great, but I always make sure there is a strong business justification before introducing any additional dependencies into the code base I'm working on.

The flexibility of the Ruby on Rails framework makes it easy to write code without giving any thought to performance. Having developed multiple Ruby on Rails applications from the ground up, I'm experienced in creating high-performance Rails apps from the get-go and also in applying that knowledge to already-existing web apps to raise their performance to a desired level. I have the experience necessary to improve the performance of a Ruby on Rails codebase in any stage of its lifecycle while continuing to add features.

For more details about my education and work experience, please see my resume below (updated 2020-10-02):

I also maintain a portfolio of projects.

Photo by Kari Shea