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Entry-Level New Car Prices in America in January 2015

The table below might help you the next time you go shopping for a brand new car. Let's say your budget is $14,000. In that case, only four car brands offer vehicles in your price range, Nissan,...

A Korean Language Observation

One of my favorite Korean words is 옷 (oas). I have a really easy time remembering this word because it's a little bit ironic. Notice how it looks kind of like a naked stick figure? Yeah, that...

Capital Gains and You

Follow this one simple rule to minimize your tax bill:

Buck Converter Concepts Part 3 of 3: Switching Regulators

Buck converters work by switching on and off at very high frequencies. Examine the schematic below. The circle on the left is a voltage source at say 12V. The rectangle on the right is a load that...