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Things to Do in Austin

Photo by Earl McGehee

Encrypt Everything

A burglar recently broke into my brother's house. They stole some jewelry and electronics including a camcorder with videos of their baby daughter. Hopefully they backed up those family memories to...

Searching Korean Text

One technique I find extremely useful when writing a letter, essay, or research paper is to search through the paper for a portion of a word. Suppose I'm interested in finding a section of my paper...

Market Order Types

I had initially intended to describe and comment on the various types of market orders, but I think this post functions better as a simple bulleted reference.

Do You Like to Eat Water Meat?

The Korean word for live fish is 물고기 (mul-go-gi). When you break that word down into its parts, you get "물" (mul = water) and "고기" (go-gi = meat). Literally translated into English, the Korean word...