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Searching Korean Text

One technique I find extremely useful when writing a letter, essay, or research paper is to search through the paper for a portion of a word. Suppose I'm interested in finding a section of my paper...

Market Order Types

I had initially intended to describe and comment on the various types of market orders, but I think this post functions better as a simple bulleted reference.

Do You Like to Eat Water Meat?

The Korean word for live fish is 물고기 (mul-go-gi). When you break that word down into its parts, you get "물" (mul = water) and "고기" (go-gi = meat). Literally translated into English, the Korean word...

Want to Be Where You Are

There are times in all of our lives when we'll be somewhere we don't want to be. At work, in line at the grocery store, at a funeral. Often when we find ourselves in these situations we begin to...

Things to Do in Dallas