Entry-Level New Car Prices in America in January 2015

The table below might help you the next time you go shopping for a brand new car. Let's say your budget is $14,000. In that case, only four car brands offer vehicles in your price range, Nissan, Chevrolet, Ford, and Kia.

Before making this table, I hadn't thought much about buying a Nissan. Now that I see how cheap their entry-level car is compared to every other manufacturer, I'll have to give them a closer look. (On second thought, maybe not. That base-level Versa doesn't include power windows, power locks, remote unlock, or power windows.)

Another reason this table is interesting is for quickly determining the potential price range for a car. If your friend buys a new Acura, you can be be guaranteed they paid at least $27,050. In fact, they probably paid more because who buys a base-level car without any options?

Manufacturing Group Country Marque Model MSRP
Nissan Japan Nissan Versa $11,990
General Motors Company USA Chevrolet Spark $12,170
Ford Motor Company USA Ford Fiesta $13,965
Hyundai Motor Group South Korea Kia Rio $13,990
Hyundai Motor Group South Korea Hyundai Accent $14,745
Toyota Motor Corporation Japan Toyota Yaris $14,845
Honda Motor Company Japan Honda Fit $15,650
Toyota Motor Corporation Japan Scion iQ $16,435
FCA Group - Dodge Dart $16,495
FCA Group - Jeep Patriot $16,695
FCA Group - Fiat 500 $17,145
Volkswagen Group AG Germany Volkswagen Jetta $17,325
General Motors Company USA GMC Canyon $20,955
FCA Group - Chrysler 200 $21,800
General Motors Company USA Buick Verano $23,380
FCA Group - Ram 1500 $25,410
Honda Motor Company Japan Acura ILX $27,050
Volkswagen Group AG Germany Audi A3 $29,900
Toyota Motor Corporation Japan Lexus CT 200h $32,050
General Motors Company USA Cadillac ATS $33,065
Ford Motor Company USA Lincoln MKC $33,100
Nissan Japan Infiniti Q40 $33,950
Volkswagen Group AG Germany Porsche Macan S $49,900