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Food Budget

The USDA publishes tables showing how much Americans can expect to spend on food each week. The tables are broken down by family size, gender, and age. They're further divided into four categories:...

Texas Driver License for F-1 Students

Getting a Texas driver license for an F-1 student turned out to be both much easier and more complicated than I had anticipated.

Applying for an F-1 Student Visa

The first step in getting an F-1 student visa is to be accepted by an American school. This can be either a college/university, English-language program, or high school. The process for being...

Market Order Types

I had initially intended to describe and comment on the various types of market orders, but I think this post functions better as a simple bulleted reference.

Want to Be Where You Are

There are times in all of our lives when we'll be somewhere we don't want to be. At work, in line at the grocery store, at a funeral. Often when we find ourselves in these situations we begin to...