SSL Certificates

Since I don't want to pay for an SSL certificate, I decided to use WoSign for free certificates for my websites. The free certificates available from WoSign are only valid for one year, so I'll have to renew them every year. This blog post contains some simple instructions on how to do so. Hopefully by next year, Let’s Encrypt will be live and I will be able to stop trusting my sites' security to a Chinese Certificate Authority.

  1. Get a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) generating command from digicert.

  2. Generate a CSR and private key on your server.

  3. Request an SSL certificate using the CSR you just generated from WoSign.

  4. Download your certificate (.crt file) from WoSign and upload it to your server. Add it to your server's configuration.

  5. Test your server configuration with SSL Labs.

Photo by Simon Cocks