NCG EE Interview Questions

Here are some questions I've heard or wouldn't be surprised to hear asked in interviews for new college graduate positions for electrical engineers in America.

Data Extraction Part 1

You're given two arrays, SDA and SCL. The arrays are the same length and contain only 0s and 1s. SCL is a clock signal, and SDA is a data signal. Retrieve the value of SDA at each index where SCL transitions from 0 to 1 and store it in a new array called DATA_BITS. Use any language you like.

Data Extraction Part 2

Convert DATA, an array of bits, into DATA_BYTES, an array of bytes. Again, use any language you like.


Given R, V_b, two voltage measurements, and the length of time between those two measurements, calculate C.

Magical paper

I have a sheet of paper. I fold the sheet of paper in half. The ratio of the sides of the paper remain the same after folding it. What is the ratio of the sides of the sheet of paper?

Clock division

You have a 10kHz clock. How can you generate a 5kHz clock from this signal? How can you generate a 2kHz clock from this signal?

Integer Swapping

Given the integer variables a and b, how do you swap their values...

  • using one extra integer variable?
  • using no extra variables?
  • using no extra variables, and only the bitwise logic operators and, or, and xor?

Equivalent Circuits

How can you tell Norton and Thevenin circuits apart when they are in a black box?


Leave a comment below with your questions and answers for these topics.

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