GT Word

What's Word?

The Georgia Tech Syllabus Checklist defines Word as "any material a student may have acquired from a previous semester of [a] class." Word is a Tech tradition as much as RATCaps and dancing to the Budweiser song at the end of the 3rd quarter of football games. (Possibly even more so seeing as I've never worn a RAT cap, but I've used Word many times.)


I had planned on breaking out each class into types of files like "homework solutions", "quiz solutions", and 'lectures", but given the large volume of files I have, I've decided on a simpler course. I'm posting everything as a RAR archive and you can fish through it for whatever you might be looking for.

Download all of my GT Word in one 1.5GB RAR archive: GT Word.

ECE 2025  MGT 3000  PHYS 2022  CS 1372
ECE 2031 MGT 3078 PHYS 2213 ENGL 1102
ECE 3025 MGT 3300 ISYE 2027
ECE 3040 MGT 3743 ME 6760
ECE 3041 MGT 3744 POL 1101
ECE 3042 MGT 4741 PSYC 1101
ECE 3050 MGT 4742*
ECE 3060
ECE 3080
ECE 3085
ECE 4001
ECE 4007
ECE 4430
ECE 4435
ECE 4601
ECE 6280
ECE 6456
ECE 6602
ECE 6606

*Capstone class with Siemens. I probably can't share our work.

Photo by Brooke Novak