Comfort Women

The American media is reporting that Korea and Japan’s accord concerning Japan’s practice of forcing Korean women into sexual slaves as “comfort women.” But that is not true. I hope no one will be fooled into believing that Japan did not commit terrible crimes against Korean women. Japan should take more responsibility for what they did. This is important for Korean-Japanese relations. Korean and Japanese youth need to be taught exactly what happened, not the sugar-coated lies that Japan wants to believe really happened. The Korean government reached their accord with Japan without consulting any women who were forced into being comfort women by the Japanese military.

The Japanese government wants Korea to remove all of the bronze statues dedicated to comfort women because they want to erase their past instead of taking responsibility for it. They must not be allowed to do that. We have to consider the pain and suffering caused to the comfort women above all other things. Please try to understand this situation very carefully. Our children have the right to know the truth about the past.

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