GoPro Camera Comparison

My wife wants to buy a GoPro before we go on our honeymoon this coming summer. I didn't know anything about GoPro cameras, so I headed to the GoPro website to try to figure out which one is the best for us. Unfortunately, the GoPro website only lists the specs of the cameras in the current lineup. Anything that isn't a HERO5 or a Session GoPro is barely even mentioned.

So I dug through Amazon product listings and reviews to at least figure out three things about the GoPros that you can currently buy new on Amazon: 1) their recording resolution, 2) if they have an LCD screen or not, and 3) if they have Wi-Fi/Bluetooth so they can be controlled by a smart phone. You can see what I found out in the table below. The charts below that show the price each camera has been selling for when new, used, or refurbished on Amazon.

Resolution LCD Wi-Fi Price
HERO5 Black 4K30 / 1440p80 / 1080p120 Yes Yes $399
HERO4 Black 4K30 / 2.7k50 / 1080p120 No Yes n/a
HERO4 Silver 2.7k30 / 1080p60 / 720p120 Yes Yes $318
HERO3+ Silver 1080p60 / 720p120 No Yes $243
HERO+ LCD 1080p60 / 720p60 Yes Yes $288
HERO+ WiFi 1080p60 / 720p60 No Yes $188
HERO 1080p30 / 720p60 No No $130
HERO5 Session 4K30 / 1140p60 / 1080p90 No Yes $299
HERO Session 1440p30 / 1080p60 No Yes $199

HERO5 Black


HERO4 Silver

HERO3+ Silver




HERO5 Session

HERO Session